Another Acer Palmatum Project

I bought this Acer Palmatum for £1.00 at my local supermarket in the autumn of 2012. I thought it would make a good learning project on building a deciduous bonsai from scratch. In the spring of 2013, when the first picture was taken, I had just bare-rooted it and transferred it into a small training pot containing a mixture of akadama and kiryu. I planed to let the long lower branch grow to thicken the base of the trunk


The next 3 pictures were taken earlier this week (winter 2014). At the start of this year I re-planted it into a larger pot to speed up its development. It certainly made a difference. The sacrifice branch is over 5 foot long and has doubled the thickness of the trunk base


It will be interesting to see how the trunk is looking below soil level but I will have to wait until spring for that


I have cut off the sacrifice branch so that I can store it in the greenhouse over winter. I suppose I could have left it on a bit longer to thicken the base even more but I like the taper it has provided at the moment. The branch stub will be profiled to the trunk in the spring, when I will also take a close look at how the roots are developing beneath the soil


2 years into this project and progress is difficult to assess without close scrutiny of the photographs. There are no instant transformations with deciduous trees


6 thoughts on “Another Acer Palmatum Project

  1. Thank you for showing this progress Robert.Those supermarket Acers seem to be pretty good no ugly grafts but they were a little dearer here.I bought a number to do a group,made the raft looking forward to getting on with it in the spring.

  2. It’s realistic to see the work it takes to transform a start into a bonsai, And how important and necessary all the steps are for the creation to occur. It truly is not an art form for those without patiencs.

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