Chinese Elm in Development

This is my Chinese elm shohin that I have been developing for 2 years. It has quite an interesting story. I acquired this tree for £8.00 in the winter of 2012 in and end of season sale at a local DIY centre. I had previously looked at all their trees at the start of the season, and mentally selected this as the most promising because it had taper in the trunk. When I finally purchased it, it was the last one to go. I did nothing to it but kept it in the greenhouse all winter, half expecting it to die, which it almost did.

This is how it looks at the moment November 2014. Next year I will re-plant it in a slightly larger pot to speed up the ramification


At the end of that first winter, It was looking quite weak as the next picture shows. Most of the branches had dried up and died. I removed it from the pot, washed off the old soil and replaced it with a coarse mix of akadama and kiryu.


Within a few weeks it was beginning to show some signs of life as the next picture shows. All the dead branches were cut back and new ones were allowed to grow from the stumps



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