A Visitor Bearing Trees

My good friend Gerry paid a visit to my garden today and he brought along a few trees to get some advice and help with their future development.

The first was a very healthy looking Juniper Rigida. After we had a good look at the tree from all angles, I suggested a slight change of angle and a reduction in the height of the apex. I also thined some of the vigourous growth and brought the lowest branch, which was growing towards the rear in this picture, forward to the front and right.


This is how it looked half an hour later after carrying out the work and applying a little wire. A lovely little tree, well on the way to becoming a nice shohin,


The next up was this little zelkova, which has a nice tapering trunk but the ramification is weak on the right hand side


This tree needs to put on a lot of new growth next season to show a significant improvement, so we just thinned out the thicker branches in the apex and shortened a few others that had grown too long.


The final tree was a little deshojo maple. At the start of the year this tree had virtually no branches, so it was allowed to grow unchecked in order to develop some to work with.


We selected a possible front for the tree and removed branches that would not be useful in the future. It has quite a nice nebari from this chosen angle although it hidden at the moment by the moss soil


It’s nice to be allowed to work on someone else’s trees for a change. A most enjoyable day in good company.


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