Our Club’s Shohin Display at the Barnsley Show

I am still recovering from what was for us, a very satisfying but tiring 2 day trek to the BTA bonsai show in Elescar, Barnsley. Guess what? To our great surprise and delight, our shohin display was awarded first prize.

Here are a few pictures of our display at the event. I must apologise for the quality of some of these images. Lighting in our part of the hall wasn’t ideal for photography and the public interest around our display, throughout the day left very little time for me to take pics of each tree individually.




The Lanarkshire team from left to right are myself, Robert Porch, Jim McMaster, Andy, Maurice Maidment and Ian McMaster


The following 3 pictures are courtesy of Robert Porch




Individual images of most of the trees displayed can be found in this earlier post



 I managed to take quite a number of pictures of trees that inspired me in other displays, which I will include in my next post



5 thoughts on “Our Club’s Shohin Display at the Barnsley Show

  1. Reblogged this on British Shohin Bonsai and commented:
    While we await pics and a report on the BSB’s official participation at yesterday’s Bonsai Traders’ Event, here is an article written by BSB supporter Robert Nocher about how the Lanarksire group got on at the event. I don’t wish to put in a spoiler, but “Well done, chaps!” 😉

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