Larch (update)

You might remember when I first posted this tree back in March of this year. The early development from unpromising material can be found in Larch Progression. This is a reminder of how it looked at the start of the year after its winter wiring.

larch 1

This tree is very close to where I would like it to be, it only really needs denser ramification to complete the image. To maintain a short needle length and promote  a thinner more delicate branch structure, I have cut back on the amount of fertilizer it has had this year. Instead of the weekly dose of high nitrogen that it received last year to thicken the primary branches; this year it has had to make do with a monthly dose of high nitrogen at half strength. As you can see in the next picture, it has put on a lot of new growth and that growth is quite compact.


The wire that was applied last winter was removed in the summer and new wire applied to the primary branches immediately after. It will be interesting to see if these primary branches have set permanently by this winter.


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