Another Shohin Cotoneaster

I found this container grown cotoneaster, out of sight in the back lot of a local plant nursery, where it had obviously been for a very long time. Its 10 inch plastic pot was so full of roots that it had split away at the bottom. It had quite a thick trunk for a nursery tree, so I decided to buy it. As it was old stock I got it for the knock down price of £3.00 .

When I got it home I cut it back, took it out of the plastic pot and re-planted it in a similar sized clay pot without disturbing the roots too much. This is how it looked at that time (September 2011)


In the spring of 2012, I chopped the roots back quite hard and re-planted it in this Ian Baillie drum pot.


2 years later in the spring of 2014, I removed it from its pot again and cut off the 3 rather thick roots that were sitting quite high on the trunk. This is how it’s looking today, planted in a yellow Shibakatsu oval.


The rate of growth in this tree is quite slow for a cotoneaster. I think this may be due to the fact that as soon as the weather warms up in spring it just pushes out flowers profusely without putting on any real growth. This year I have been removing the flowers as soon as they appear to increase the ramification


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