Cotoneaster Shohin in Development (Summer Update)

This post is an update on the 2 shohin cotoneasters in development that were created from a single piece of material, collected from my garden in 2011. The early development and the separation of one tree into two is told in my earlier post 2 COTONEASTER SHOHIN; A 3 YEAR PROGRESSION

Both trees were root pruned and re-potted at the start of this season. They have put on a lot of new growth throughout the summer and are now secure enough in their pots to allow a little more work to be done

This is how the first one looked at the start of this most recent work


After some thinning and preliminary branch selection


The back of this tree has a rather unsightly chop mark, which can be removed now. The tree was tied down to the bench to secure it for carving with the power tools


After a little rough carving the wound follows the profile of the trunk. More detailed carving can be carried out at a later time.


This is how it looks at the moment after some wire has been applied. I will look at the large root at the front of the tree, with a view to removing it, at the next re-potting.


The second tree, which didn’t have a lot of roots at the start of this season is now looking much stronger


This is how it looks at the moment, after some thinning and basic branch selection. At the moment, I like this tree better than the other one. It’s excellent taper should ensure that it will make a lovely shohin in a year or twos time.


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