Acer Shishishigira (Summer Update)

This is a summer update on my lion’s head maple, which was the subject of an earlier post back in April. The lime green foliage of spring has hardened off to a rich dark green now. In the earlier post, I mentioned that the growth habit of this species is quite different to that of other varieties of maple, and consequently development of this species as a bonsai is different too. As the growth rate is slower and less predictable than other maples it is even more important, with this species, to partially defoliate on a regular basis to allow light into the interior to encourage back budding. I have been very particular about that this year and it seems to be working well. It has more new shoots this year than its had in the previous 2.


Picture 2. New buds and shoots emerging from the crown. New buds are prolific all over the tree at the moment. Long may that continue.


For the benefit of my regular followers, this will be my last post for about a week or so. I am going into hospital tomorrow for a small operation, I should be fit and back with my trees by next weekend. See you all then.


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