Thuga Occidentalis Bonsai

This is a Thuga Occidentalis that I have been working on for about 10 years, That makes it one of my oldest home grown trees. It may never be a prizewinner but it is one of my early learning trees and for that reason it will always be special to me. The first picture shows how it looked shortly after it was dug from my garden in 2004


In 2005 I decided to cut it back to a single trunk. I left 2 rather large stumps which were eventually carved into a deadwood feature. I have to say that if I was starting this tree now I would probably have done it very different and gone for a multi trunk image.


This tree is quite vigorous and for several years I simply sheared the foliage with scissors. By 2011, it had filled out well but the foliage pads had begun to look like pom-poms or the cloud pads you see on garden trees


In 2012, when the next picture was taken I was attempting to make the foliage pads look more natural and this work is still ongoing


I am planning to do some major work on this tree over the next week to further improve the silhouette and to make the deadwood feature more natural. I will post some more pictures when its done


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