Procumbent Juniper (one for the record)

My procumbent juniper has settled nicely after the re-pot of last month and continues to grow strongly. I thought that it was about time I took a record shot of this tree against a nice colourful background


The shari was cut 2 years ago and the live vein is beginning to show signs of swelling. I have been working the edge of the live vein with a fine grade sandpaper to create a nice rounded transition into the deadwood. I will probably divide the live vein into 2 by creating another shari from the jin that is visible at the rear of the tree. This picture highlights for me the need for more refinement in the nebari but this will be done at a later time. For the moment, I am very satisfied with this tree


4 thoughts on “Procumbent Juniper (one for the record)

    • Hi twinsrat
      I have had a lot of discussion with people as to whether this is a Squamata or a Procumbens variety.
      Ihave even compared it with trees at my local nurseries. There are now so many named varieties of Procumbens and Squamata that it is difficult to tell them apart on needle size, shape and colour alone. The general consensus seems to be , at the moment, that due to the age of the tree, it is probably a Squamata.
      I am no expert, so I refer to it as a procumbent variety, as both Squamata and Procumbens fall into that category

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