Buxus Sempervirens

This is a species I have always found difficulty with. Until recently, I had nowhere in my garden that provided shade for the whole day and buxus sempervirens has a tendency to scorch in strong sunlight when grown in a pot. While I was occupied with the day job, this was a recurring problem. The result being that although I have had this tree for 9 years. It hasn’t really shown much progress in that time.

In the past few years I have had a slightly more successful experience with a shohin buxus  sempervirens grown entirely in the shade. Charged by this success, I have decided to have another go with this kifu sized tree

The first picture shows the tree as it was in 2005, shortly after it was collected from my garden


The next picture shows the poor state of development by 2011. I was never able to get the apical branch to fill out.


This year I decided to remove the old apex altogether, thin the remaining branches including some very thick ones at the back and start again. This is the tree after initial pruning.


Rewired and removed from the old training pot


A new look and a new pot for the future (June 2014)



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