Will I Wont I

It seems like a terrible thing to do. to rob my little azalea of all its beautiful flowers but I have decided that the time is now. It has been flowering continuously for several weeks now and the earliest blossoms are beginning to fade


Well, here goes


Sadly that’s it for the moment, I will start feeding it right away with a view to improving the ramification and I will report back on it later in the year


3 thoughts on “Will I Wont I

  1. I made the mistake of leaving my Azalea very late to take the flowers off as the wind blew the pot and plant of the garden table
    I put it into a polystyrene box and it was doing ok, then disaster I decided to repot taking some soil of the roots and I feel NOW I made have seen the last of the Azalea for its not looking to great to good
    I am reluctant to throw it away as it may come back next year if I over winter it a sheltered and frost free Lean to but I am not building my hope up
    This is why I keep checking your Blog for inspiration and do things when you are doing then and hopefully I can beside learn get better results with my Bonsai trees
    thanks for posting
    take care

    Jim TheLad (a title I got from my grand-daughters as I am the only guy around Five Females, hopefully that may change soon)

    • Thanks Jim
      I have had a few problems myself this year due to the poor weather that has resulted in the loss of a few good trees. We are always going to have that risk when we are working with live plant material but it doesn’t make it any easier to bear when we lose trees that we have spent years nurturing.
      I, like you, look to the Internet for inspiration and encouragement and I must say that I’ve seen some lovely trees coming from the direction of the Wirral this year.
      Keep up the good work and thanks for checking into my blog.
      Good luck with your trees Jim.

      Robert Nocher

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