Summer Routine Part 3

Throughout the summer, when I’m styling or pruning a tree I take lots of cuttings from offcuts, which would otherwise be discarded. When established they require little attention other than regular feeding and watering and in time they will reward you with some useful, and hard to find, material for free.

Here are some itoigawa juniper cuttings I have been potting up recently




This is the parent tree


And here are some Blauws Juniper cuttings taken a year earlier. I hope to use these in a rock landscape composition that I am planning.



This is the parent tree. This is also my current workshop tree. It has undergone some major alterations since this picture was taken and will feature in its own post in the near future


And finally, life isn’t all about work, sometimes you just have to lift up your head and enjoy the view. This laburnum tree in the centre of the picture started life 20 years ago as a 2 inch high collected seedling. This is the first year it has flowered when it should and what a show.



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