Cotoneaster Shohin in Development

When I collected this tree from my garden in 2009, it was so ugly that I didn’t bother to photograph it. It was a tangle of thick branches all emerging from the same point and the thick roots were all to one side.. I planted it up in a training pot and left it for a few years, looking at it occasionally and trying to find some kind of shape I could work with.

In 20011 I saw some possibility in the material if it was severely cut back to a basic outline. The first picture shows the tree in 2012 after this early work was carried out. Note the thick roots all emerging from the left hand side of the tree, they have been reduced by more than half in this picture


Growth in 2011-2012 was slow but healthy. In 2013 the tree was removed from the pot, the roots were further reduced and it was re-potted as shown in the second picture


Throughout the growing season in 2013, the tree was fed weekly with high nitrogen fertilizer and by the end of the year it had grown considerably. The next 3 pictures show the root development at re-potting time in 2014




In the next picture you can see that there are some nice roots developing at the base of the trunk which will form the nebari in the future


The last 2 pictures were taken after the latest re-pot in June 2014. There is still a slight inverse taper in the trunk which I will deal with in the future with a little carving but apart from that I am quite pleased with the way this is going

cot1 cot2


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