New Juniper Rigida Shohin

This is another recent acquisition, a tosho or juniper rigida shohin. Since I purchased this tree, several people have advised me that they are difficult to keep and often die for no apparent reason. I have some experience in keeping other needle junipers and hope that I can apply that to this one. The first 2 pictures show the front and back of the tree when I received it



There was  quite a bit of rot in the deadwood, which I have treated with a wood hardener and preservative followed by a coating of lime sulphur, The next 2 pictures show the tree as it looks at the moment resplendent in its new growth. The next step will be to cut back the new growth later in the year and seek out a good pot for it, with the  re-pot taking place, probably next year.




2 thoughts on “New Juniper Rigida Shohin

  1. Rigidas are fairly simple to look after as long as you cut elongated foliage, never pinch, and never repot and cut in the same year. Best to cut foliage when it’s really extended and shaggy looking to ensure the tree is strong enough to deal with the stress. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a couple of months – thanks for the high quality photos and excellent pots! Tim, Nederland.

    • Thank you Tim for the advice on looking after rigida junipers, I will bear it in mind for the future. It is very uplifting when someone tells you that they enjoy what you do, thank you again, you have made me very happy this evening

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