Procumbent Juniper Re-pot

I have been looking for a new pot for my procumbent juniper for some time and finally found something suitable at the National Show last weekend. Until now its been in the pot you can see in the first picture.


I chose the existing pot made by Saffron Ceramics a long time ago, for no better reason than it was about the size I needed and it was cheap. Over the years I grew to like the colour of the glaze and felt that it suited the tree but was always concerned that I was breaking the basic rules by housing a juniper in a glazed pot. I have noticed, however, that recently there seems to be an emerging trend, which I wholeheartedly support, to house junipers in matt finished, crackle glazed pots.

With that in mind I chose this matt finished purple glazed pot made by Ian Baillie a Scottish bonsai potter as the replacement.


And so to the re-pot. The old pot had an in turned rim, which meant that a significant amount of fibrous root had to be cut off in order to extract the tree from the pot.

The next photograph shows the tree immediately after it was removed from the old pot


And the after some further root reduction and old soil removal


And finally, safely re-housed in its new pot


I will give the tree a few months to recover from the trauma of the re-pot. The next job will be some further refinement of the foliage round about September, all going well.

I would be interested to hear if anyone has any thoughts on my choice of pot.


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