Gardenia Repotting

Keeping this little beauty alive and healthy in the Scottish climate is proving to be quite a challenge. If you look at it the wrong way or speak too loudly in its presence, it’s leaves turn yellow and drop off in protest.


It hates temperatures below 10 C, which is almost every night of the year here and more than half the days

It prefers a winter temperature between 15 and 18 C with high humidity, consequently it has to spend most of its life indoors and

I am reliably informed it hates being repotted .

I acquired the tree last autumn and have just successfully brought it through its first winter in my care thanks largely to the advice given on the RHS website

It is seriously potbound and whether it hates it or not it has to be repotted.

This is how the roots looked when I removed it from its pot



This is it after a bit of root reduction


Typically it has protested a little but it is now safely in its Echisen Hosui pot and I will start feeding it in a few weeks time, if it behaves itself.




2 thoughts on “Gardenia Repotting

    • Thanks Andy,
      I did the repotting about 4 weeks ago and although its reaction was as predicted it seems to be well on the road to recover now. It’s screaming out for some fertiliser now, but I think I will wait for another few weeks to be on the safe side

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