My Acer Shishishigira

I have taken many pictures of this tree since I acquired it in the spring of 2012 but the first one up is by far my favourite. it was taken in my garden soon after I bought it,using a 400mm telephoto lens to blur out the background. It is 25 cm high and planted in a Walsall Ceramics pot.

shishishigira 3

The growing habit of this sub species is quite different to that of other maples.

1. Extension growth and back budding is less prolific and less predictable than other maples.

2. As the new shoots extend in spring, they are extremely delicate and can easily be knocked off if brushed against.( I have cats that wander about the greenhouse at will leaving a trail of quiet chaos in their wake.)

3. Branches are extremely brittle and snap under the slightest pressure so wiring is not a very viable option. A good fertilising regime and “cut and grow” would seem to be the best option for development with regular partial defoliation to let light into the interior.

Having said this they are wonderful trees. The lime green foliage in the spring sunshine is a joy to behold and the autumn colour is pretty special too.

Here it is in April 2014

shish 2


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