Shohin Larch

This Larch was collected in March 2012. At the time of collection it had enough fibrous roots to allow me to plant it straight into a plastic training pot. It grew so vigorously over the summer  that by July I felt confident enough to chop the trunk back to 2 branches and wire one of them up to form the new apex. Buy the end of the first growing season the branch that was wired to an upright position had set permanently and by the end of the second growing season, the chop had almost healed over completely.

I am sorry that I have no pictures at the start of the work in 2012. This first picture was taken in March 2014 after re-potting into a Koho pot and the second picture was taken 1 year after collection in March 2013.. I am pleased with the progress of this shohin larch and I am looking forward to watching its development in the future.

larch3 Untitled-1


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