Some Tosui Pots from My Collection

I have had a love for Tosui Kiln pots, since I first started to specialise in shohin 2 years ago. For an excellent read on the lineage at the Tosui Kiln, I would recommend Ryan Bell’s “Demystifying the Tosui’s” over at

In their long history they have produced a wide variety of small bonsai pots, some of which are now considered rare national treasures in Japan, while others are still widely available and affordable.

All generations at this kiln were heavily influenced by the painting and engraving style of Shinano Chazan. Chazan’s style is more dynamic and looser than the classical Japanese painters, which gives all of their work an Impressionist quality that appeals to me. Anyway, that’s enough of my rambling, please enjoy the pots.

1. A painted semi-cascade pot by Mizuno Shikao showing a view of Mount Fuji

tosui 1

2. And another with a painting from the Tokaido Road series


3. A small oval pot containing a Chamaebuxus Polygala accent, painted with a Fox’s Wedding scene by Mizuno Shikao


4. Another Fox’s Wedding scene by Shikao on a fluted round pot.

tosui 2

5. Unglazed rectangle by Ryokujuan Tosui with a floral design in relief

tosui 3

6. Another rectangle by Ryokujuan Tosui with a mottled blue glaze

pot 6


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